We anticipate there will forty members of the Humanities Team, all of whom will inform conversations leading up to the symposium,  join an online forum to discuss issues related to the symposium with the 200-500 additional participants responding to our open CFP and other invitations, attend and respond to sessions throughout the two-day forum, and form the core working groups to generate recommendations for next steps during our one-day workshop that follows the two-day forum. The participants including key practitioners and theorists of geographically and institutionally diverse community-based writing projects, local community organizers, historians, oral historians, librarians, and representatives of cultural institutions. One core member of the Humanities Team, historian Jerrold Hirsch, an authority on the Federal Writers’ Project, describes an important role this influential work can play thus: 

I think my work on the FWP could provide a valuable perspective on your proposed undertaking. In addition, I would not only learn a lot about writing democracy today, but also be contributing to something in which I and the leaders of the FWP deeply believed. I wrote Portrait of AmericaA Cultural History of the Federal Writers' Project not just to lay out this New Deal agency's history, but also with the hope of promoting discussion of the issues the FWP raised and contributing to new efforts to build on their legacy. Your proposal is the latest evidence that I have had some success in these goals.

The following key participants are highly qualified to contribute to the conference theme of “Writing Democracy” to bridge cultures and promote civility and democracy.

Each of the featured speakers listed has agreed to participate in the program and development workshop, contributing to working groups on themes suggested during monthly and virtual planning meetings leading up to workshop and revised in response to recurring themes emerging from the forum. They will be joined by members of members of the Humanities Team representing cultural programs, community colleges, journalism, public schools, libraries, art, photography, and creative writing. 

See "Workshop" and "Forum" descriptions (at "Events" tab above) for additional information about the suggested contributions of invited speakers and participants. 

Partnering Organizations
*Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs (COCA) is a grassroots organization designed to help facilitate communication between community residents and A&M-University-Commerce. (see "Odom," Appendices, page 116).
*Community Literacy Journal(CLJ) is a referred journal that publishes both scholarly work in the field and work by community literacy workers in the field (see Moore, Appendices, page 101).
*Coastal Bend Writing Project (CBWP) is the newest National Writing Project (NWP) site in Texas, established at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2009. Funded in part by a grant from the US Department of Education and extending to 209 local sites across the nation, NWP (established 1974) embodies the translocal. As they explain in their vision statement, “Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century” (see Quick, Appendices, page 112).
Federation Rhetoric Committee, Federation of North Texas Area Colleges and Universities (FRC) brings together PhD programs and resources from three area universities (A&M-Commerce, Texas Woman’s University, University of North Texas) to advance the discipline of Rhetoric, especially through its annual Federation Rhetoric Symposium (established 1973) (see Souris, Appendices, page 160).

Featured Speakers

--Rhetoric and Composition, Literacy--
John Duffy (University of Notre Dame)   
Nancy Welch (University of Vermont)  
Paula Mathieu (Boston College)   
Linda Adler-Kassner (University of California, Santa Barbara)    Eli Goldblatt (Temple University)  
Steve Parks (Syracuse University and Reflections)   
Harvey J. Graff (Ohio State University and and Director of LiteracyStudies@OSU)   
Jeff Grabill (Michigan State University and Co-Director of WIDE [Writing in Digital Environments] Research Center)   
Bump Halbritter (Michigan State University, Editor of CCC Online, and Co-PI for LiteracyCorps Michigan)   
Julie Lindquist (Michigan State University and Co-PI for LiteracyCorps Michigan)   
Tobi Jacobi (Colorado State University-Boulder and Co-Director of the Center for Literacy Outreach and Research)   
Nedra Reynolds (University of Rhode Island)   
Kathleen Blake Yancey (Florida State University and Editor of College Composition and Communication)   
Michelle Halls Kells (University of New Mexico and WAC: Writing Across Cultures)   
Elenore Long (Arizona State University)   
David Gold (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)   
David Jolliffe (University of Arkansas-Lafayette and the Arkansas Delta Oral History Project)   
Gail Hawisher (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Director, Center for Writing Studies)

Jerold Hirsch (Truman State University)
Harvey J. Graff (Ohio State University and and Director of LiteracyStudies@OSU)   

--Arts, Design, New Media--
Dean Terry (University of Texas-Dallas and Director of Emerging Media and Communications Program and award-winning documentary Subdivided)
--Public Programming--

Jan Cohen-Cruz (Syracuse and Imagining America
Rachel Breunlin (Co-Director, Neighborhood Story Project)
Joe Lambert (Executive Director, Center for Digital Storytelling)  
Deborah Schwartz (President, Brooklyn Historical Society

Partnering Organizations and Participants

--Rhetoric and Composition, Literacy--
Michael Moore, Editor, Community Literacy Journal
Catherine Quick, Director, Coastal Bend Writing Project
Hugh Burns, Professor of Rhetoric, Texas Woman's University  and Member, Federation Rhetoric Committee
Stephen Souris, Professor of English and Chair, Federation Rhetoric Committee, Federation of North Texas Area Colleges and Universities [Federation Rhetoric Symposium 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

--Art, Community Organizers, Creative Writing--
Michael Odom, Director, Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs (COCA)  [campus and local news: art, music]
Vaughn Wascovich, Assistant Professor of Photography, Department of Art,  Texas A&M University-Commerce [news: Vox, garden, opening, award, opening, lecture]
Foster Dickson, Teacher, Booker T. Washington Magnet School (Alabama)

John Mark Dempsey, Head, Department of Mass Communications, Texas A&M University-Commerce)   
Tony DeMars, Associate Professor of Mass Communications, Director, KETV, Texas A&M University-Commerce 
Jerrold Knight, Station Manager, KETR (NPR affiliate)
Robert Muilenburg, Faculty Adviser for the Foghorn (campus newspaper) and the Siren (literary magazine), Del Mar College [news: awards, awards, Borderzine)

--Preservation (Libraries, Historical Commission)--
Bob Brinkman, Coordinator of Historical Markers, Texas Historical Commission
Ingrid Wang, Director of Technology and Information Services, Long Island University-Brooklyn
James Conrad, Director of University Archives,  Texas A&M University-Commerce  [news: award, retirement, award, grant
Greg Mitchell, Director of Libraries, Texas A&M University-Commerce  

--New Media, Internet--

Robin Reid, Professor of English, Texas A&M University-Commerce [news: NEH, group, teaching, course, course, research] With historian Judy Ford, Reid has brought two NEH Summer Institutes to Texas A&M-Commerce (2003 and 2008)

Jamie Yuenger, Consultant, Radio Programming [listen: WYNC, Fresh, Diaries]
Jan Cohen-Cruz (Syracuse and Imagining America