Planning Workshop, Friday, March 11, 2:00-5:00

We invite you to join us at the close of the conference from 2-5 p.m., Friday, March 11, for a program development workshop on next steps. The primary workshop goal is to consider the possibilities for creating a national network or institute with both electronic and face-to-face meetings that could link existing local projects and give rise to new ones. Just as the Federal Writers Project debated its purpose, methods, and goals during the Great Depression, we anticipate that any new formation will require a great deal of deliberation and debate to define its mission. We will propose the creation of a national consortium to affiliate local projects as a concrete step toward “the cultural rediscovery of America” (Hirsch, Portrait of America) But it will be up to you first to determine the feasibility of a consortium and then, if there is interest, to help us flesh out the idea and begin to move forward. Complete invitation details available here.

Figure 1: "St. Paul Debate Team," Historical Photographs from the Neylandville Community," Northeast Texas Digital Collections, Gee Library, Texas A&M-Commerce

Call for Submissions,

Conference proceedings will be published in the Fall 2012 issue of the Community Literacy Journal (Volume 7, Issue 1). We invite submissions for an edited collection of scholarly essays drawn from presentations addressing the theme of the 2011 conference, Writing Democracy: A Rhetoric of (T)Here (see CFP).  We seek essays that explore tensions between rhetorical constructs like public and private (Welch, Living Room, 2008), local and global (Gold, Rhetoric at the Margins, 2008), here and there, us and them (Duffy, Writing From These Roots, 2007).  We are especially interested in drawing together projects that foreground the practical, theoretical, methodological, pedagogical, and/or historical dimensions of our work at local levels--especially with respect to the shifting dimensions of the local rhetorical landscape in an increasingly global world.
Submissions should be sent to special issue co-editors, Shannon Carter and Deborah Mutnick no later than September 15, 2011.  The co-editors will respond by January 15, 2012 to all submissions, with revised versions of those essays selected for the collection to be submitted April 15, 2012.  Questions and inquiries are also welcome, and should be directed to the co-editors.

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